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1979 The Cars Candy-O

Posted by talesinthesun on October 21, 2009

1979 The Cars Candy-OThe 1979 album of The Cars featured the art work of Alberto Vargas.  Vargas was well known for his works in Esquire magazine as well as the inspiration for many of the pinups on the noses of World War II aircraft.  Vargas is often credited for one f the best movie posters of all time, The Sin of Nora Moran, which depicted Zita Johann.   After Esquire Vargas worked for Playboy with the Vargas Girls and his work saw a resurgence.  The passing of his wife in 1974 resulted in him losing interest and not painting.  The release of his biography in 1978 led him to two album covers for Bernadette Peters and one for The Cars.  Vargas died in 1982.


5 Responses to “1979 The Cars Candy-O”

  1. I like your tag line of “the sometimes lost art of album covers”. The Music world has turned into downloads…Where’s the Fun Art for Music Inspiration?…I’m the Grand Niece who encouraged my Great Uncle, Alberto Vargas, to DO THE CARS” COVER!!!!!!

    • That cover as well as his other work is awesome. Like many of the album covers, sometimes that is what triggers a person to search deeper into the artisits

      • HI. I recently received a cross email from you. Thank you. It made me finally deceide to email you on the subject of’ the lost art oaf album covers.”
        I have been thinking your “tag line” since I first responded to your site back in July. I’ve been wondering if you have thought of submitting an article regarding ‘the lost art of album covers” to ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE? I seem to picking up on this subject alot lately in the slighest ways..but for some reason, .especially when Apple bought the rights to sell the Beatles on itunes.. Your response to mine spoke volumes…It shows you know what you are talking about- which is one of the first rules of Jounalism: “write what you know”…let me know if you do.
        Good Luck.

  2. Learn more about Lucas…

    […]1979 The Cars Candy-O « Album Cover Art[…]…

  3. Brian Keegan said

    I just realized Candy-O is laying on the hood of a Ferrari 365GTC/4 ! Did Alberto have one around that time?

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