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1962 Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers

Posted by talesinthesun on July 10, 2010

Robert Johnson lived a short music filled life from 1911-1938.  Despite little attention by mass audiences while living, he is often considered one of the top 10 guitarist of all time.  Little is known of Johnson other than normally playing on street corners when he arrived in towns.  Much of that time he played songs people wanted to hear rather than his own compositions.  His first recorded song came in 1934 followed by 11 records in 1937.  At the time of his death his top selling record was only 5000 copies.  Then in 1962 King of the Delta Blues was released that gave Johnson an entire new audience.

With this record came the artwork of Burt Goldblatt.  Goldblatt was similar to Johnson as he honed his craft in bars and jazz clubs.  Goldblatt would take countless pictures which then were used or art from the pictures were used for album covers.

He got his cover start at CBS but became much more famous for his jazz covers for Savoy, Bethlehem and Jolly Roger records.  As rock entered more of the main stream Goldblatt ended his career as a cover artist.  Later he became a co-author on many books from novels to jazz photography.  Goldblatt passed away at the age of 82 in 2006.


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1962 Freddie Hubbard hub-tones

Posted by talesinthesun on March 22, 2009

1962-freddie-hubbard-hub-tones1Today I revisit a musician with a totally different style then his first cover.  Freddie Hubbard’s 1962 release of hub-tones featured many great musicians including Herbie Hancock.  Much like any other jazz release the names intertwine between albums.  Also like the music the album covers intertwine as well.

The cover was produced by Reid Miles who worked for Blue Note Records between 1956 and the late 60’s producing more than 500 covers for the company.  Miles often worked with photographer Francis Wolff to collaborate on covers that were synonymous with Blue Note Records.

Blue Note saw both Miles and Wolf depart within a few years.  With them a style and possibly an art form maybe have left with them.

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