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1975 Freddie Hubbard Liquid Love

Posted by talesinthesun on December 2, 2008

1975-freddie-hubbard-liquid-loveFreddie Hubbard was a jazz trumpeteeer getting his start in 1958 and then appeared on his or others albums  through 2003.  Hubbard appeared with the jazz greats including MIles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock and on and on.

For this album, the artwork was created by Lou Beach.  Beach created countless album covers using his collage method.  Other covers include David Sanborn, BLink 182 and Weird al Yonkovic.  Oddly enough the Liquid Love cover does not appear on his website.  It may be due to his dislike of the large lettering that he said overpowered the image.  Even with the large typography, the art is what caught my eyeand make this cover one of my favorites.


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1975 Elton John Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

Posted by talesinthesun on November 17, 2008

I was at Barnes and Noble over the weekend and saw a coffee table style book on album covers. I paged through and realized what a lost art that this has become. Now artists will still have some sort of cover on a cd but it is so much smaller than the albums that were sold prior. Thumbing through and you see the Grateful Dead had many great covers and Muse has many as well. My favorite of all is easily Elton John’s Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy from 1975. Who knows what the artist, Alan Aldridge, was thinking with the animal heads, skulls and small village included on the cover. Only Elton John’s wild outfit near a piano make sense. Aldridge also did covers for the Beatles, Rolling Stones and a book of his works is due out next year, The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes : The Art of Alan Aldridge .

I will be doing about cover art. I will try to do 1 post daily on what is good in my eyes. As always what I see and what you see can be vastly different.

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