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1979 The Cars Candy-O

Posted by talesinthesun on October 21, 2009

1979 The Cars Candy-OThe 1979 album of The Cars featured the art work of Alberto Vargas.  Vargas was well known for his works in Esquire magazine as well as the inspiration for many of the pinups on the noses of World War II aircraft.  Vargas is often credited for one f the best movie posters of all time, The Sin of Nora Moran, which depicted Zita Johann.   After Esquire Vargas worked for Playboy with the Vargas Girls and his work saw a resurgence.  The passing of his wife in 1974 resulted in him losing interest and not painting.  The release of his biography in 1978 led him to two album covers for Bernadette Peters and one for The Cars.  Vargas died in 1982.


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