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1971 Jimmy McGriff Black Pearl

Posted by talesinthesun on December 11, 2008

1971-jimmy-mcgriff-black-pearlScrolling through some websites and books and bam this album hit me.  Jimmy Cliff’s Black Pearl was a live recording from the Golden Slipper in Newark NJ.  McGriff played the organ from age 6 on until his death in May 2008.  Along the way he recorded over 30 albums between 1963 and 1998.

While McGriff may be a good musician I did not pick this album for that reason.  I picked it simply for the brilliant attention grabbing art of John Van Hamersveld.  Van Hamerveld was better known for his Rolling Stones, Steve Miller , Greatful Dead and The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album.  Van Hamersveld also was the creator of memorable posters for JImi Hendrix, Kiss, Cream etc.  While this is the first I have posted of his art it will by no means be the last.  You may not see the albums seen normally by him but you will see great art.


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1968 The Beatles White Album

Posted by talesinthesun on December 2, 2008

With all the art on the previous Beatles albums including Sgt.Pepper’s, Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour the Beatles released a true work of art, The White Album. No contreversy. No hidden messages,  No pictures of 4 men with similiar haircuts.  Just a plain blank canvas.  The only mystery is the serial number although it means nothing at all.

Maybe a few other bands can let their music speak louder then their cover.

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