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1985 Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark Crush

Posted by talesinthesun on December 17, 2008

1985-omd-crush1While this is a painting of Paul Slater,  the theme of an Edward Hopper influences the painting as dictated by Caz Hildebrand.  The album from my readings is full of oddities.  Hildebrand decided he wanted a car, a couple, and the Hopper type theme.  Slater did the work and assumed it went well since no alterations were needed.  The main building in the center right is almost a duplicate from Hopper’s 1930 painting Early Sunday Morning.

In another interesting twist, Paul Slater was a fan of OMD yet never heard of the album.  He did read a review that said the music wasnt up tho their usual standards but the cover deserved a second look. 

Slater is one of Britain’s top illustrators yet I cna not locate one website that is exclusively his.


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