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2006 Thom Yorke The Eraser

Posted by talesinthesun on November 18, 2008

2006-thom-yorke-the-eraser1Thomas Yorke may have made music away from the group Radiohead but he continued using the art of Stanley Donwood for his covers.  The cover is one piece of the 14 panels that make up the piece called London’s View.  Donwood has created all Eraser art work since 1994.  His artwork is considered so much to be a part of the group that many in 2007 opted to buy a gift box.  In the box was the CD as a download, 2 12 inch vinyl records and a lyric book with Donwood’s artwork.  More of Donwood’s Eraser work can be seen at or at his own website, Slowly Downward.


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